I crave more than the surface and greatly value genuine connection. I believe that being mindful and living in the now is most important, because all we ever have is this exact moment in time. I also believe that love truly is the most incredible thing, which should always be fostered and celebrated.

I’m INFP-T and as sappy as they come, so it’s no surprise that I found my way to documenting love. I fall under the cliche as a hopeless romantic who’s a wedding photographer, and I’m totally okay with that. I’m also a Pisces, so I feel everything intensely. That’s how I do what I do. Being an empath allows me to tap into other people’s emotions and that is my secret to creating emotive, romantic images.

Aside from my heart on my sleeve, I’m an adventurous spirit with an old soul. Traveling the world with my love makes me the happiest. Finding ourselves while finding new places is somewhat of an addiction. When I’m not pouring my heart into my work, you can find me wandering nature trails or tending to my (too many) house plants and garden. I’m 50/50 as an explorer and homebody, but always 100% photographer. I genuinely enjoy working hard, which is ironic, because I don’t view my job as “work” — it’s euphoria.

TeaPetra 2020.
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